1. Viewing distance

Take care of your eye-sight. Choosing the right distance maximizes on viewing experience while taking care of your eyes' health.

2. Choose a comfortable Viewing Height

Angling your neck at awkward angles for hours is a recipe for discomfort, hence your TV stand should position the screen at eye level.
The recommended TV height is about 42 inches, but the best position depends on the height of your sofa or chairs. 1/3 of your screen from the bottom your screen.

3. Match the TV Size and Width

Make sure you have at least 2-10 inches or more of space between the edges of your TV and that of the stand.
This will ensure greater stability and help you avoid knocking into the sides of your TV when passing by.

When space allows, look for TV consoles that are wider than your display to prevent unnecessary overhang, especially if your TV is positioned in the middle of a room. Although a flat-screen TV typically has a base for even weight distribution, you risk bumping or toppling your display if the TV stand is too small. 

4. The Right Material & Style

You'll always find TV stands made from various types of material. Wood, veneered plywood, and metal are long-lasting materials, and because wood TV stands are moderately heavy, they often remain stable when children or pets are running by.

Many glass TV stands are durable and metal supports for reinforcement, but if you want to keep them clean and free of cracks, it may be best to reserve glass units for low-traffic households.

 For styling it is important to consider the theme of your home. If you're going for a rustic theme, then go for a rustic stand.

5. Think about Organization and Storage

Keeping your TV stand free of clutter and cables is one of the best ways to showcase your flat-screen TV.
Shop for a TV stand with storage to organize devices or magazines.
Depending on your style, choose between open shelving, closed cabinets, and drawers.

For wall-mounted Tv-stands

6. Symmetric Layout

If you like things symmetric and clean, you’ll love this concept.
These botanical prints on etsy.com are black and white and had an antique look which works perfect with my rustic home. 

7. Lighting

If you have a hard time finding wall decor you love, try framing your tv with lamps. If you have a wide enough stand, lamps are a perfect option and can bring balance and style to a space. 

8. Hide it

Another alternative that’s great for those who want the tv to disappear all together.
Especially when a tv is over the fireplace, it’s nice to be able to cover it with something more attractive like this.

9. Abstract layout

If you have an eclectic taste, you may want an abstract tv wall with a variety of wall decor. This option allows for mismatched frames and art, and has no rules.
Here is a great example of an abstract option.

10. Blend it

Similar to an abstract gallery, this idea also surrounds the tv with multiple sizes of wall decor,
 but so much that the tv becomes part of the decor. 

10. Frame it

Similar to an abstract gallery, this idea also surrounds the tv with multiple sizes of wall decor,
 but so much that the tv becomes part of the decor. 

Bonus tip. Float

If you're going for a minimalist look, floating shelves work well with this design.

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