Furnishing and decorating a new apartment can be daunting tasking. Luckily we're here to help. Here are 10 tips to help you design your place to suite your taste with vibrance and fun

1. Let the air in

Windows can make or break a room, use them to your advantage and let the view and air in.

Use flowing fabric curtains for a polished look. the rule of thumb with curtains is gathers! gathers! gathers! or pleats!

2. Touch of colour

Colours add character and style. If you begin with a neutral base add a touch of vibrant colours to connect the room together.

Not too much, no one wants a home that looks like a box of crayons.

3. The galleria

Depending on the style you're going for, artwork adds character to your home. If you're not ready to splurge on a statement piece or two, there are a lot of DIY options to fit your style

4. Lights on

Replacing builder-fixtures is a quick task. If you can change the look and feel of a room by adding a few pendants, desk lamps or chandeliers....go for it

5. Use rugs as art

Carpets are said to be artwork for the floor. They add a layer to the room. Layered rooms tend to look more sophisticated than one-dimensional rooms.

Area rugs help define areas of a room, such as living area and dining areas. Add a dash of color, texture or patterns that suites your style.

6. Build your bedroom

After working hard all day, you need a space to come home to that'll give you total relaxation.

Invest in a comfy mattress, soft rugs and cozy linens.

7. Heads up!

The headboard of your bed can be a great statement piece to anchor and be the focal point of your room.

8. Bold space

Use tiny spaces like bathrooms to express your bold side. Tiny spaces are manageable when putting up wallpaper, go bold and different.

 9. Divide and conquer

If you have a studio apartment, dividing your living and sleeping areas is the best way to make the place where you crash feel more like home. Get creative with room separators, opting for screens, benches, or even a tall bookcase.

10. Lighten up

Paint can totally impact how large your space feels. A white wall color can help make your (likely) small apartment feel bigger. Bonus: It's easy to paint over when you move out!

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