The kitchen is the center and heart of every home. We’ll cook, dine and socialize with friends and family. Let your kitchen’s centerpiece help you with all these. Let your kitchen island be your center work-space. Here’s a few reasons you should get one or remodel the yours.

1. Additional Storage

For those who love to cook, and utilize their kitchen to serve large family dinners, one can never have enough kitchen storage. Adding an island provides lots of customizable storage options such as drawers, cabinets, and shelves. More storage means no more overflowing cabinets and drawers and a perfect place to hide your trash can.

2. Extra cooking space

One of the most common reasons people opt to add an island is that it provides extra counter space. In adding counter-space it enables more people to cook together at a go. “Family and friends say hallo”

3. A Gathering Point

For the homeowner who likes to cook for groups of family and friends, an island in the kitchen can be a great gathering point. Adding bar stools at the island can make it a great space for people to gather, talk, eat, and relax while you are cooking, bringing your guests into the cooking experience and the secret recipes passed down generations.

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4. A Versatile kitchen

Need extra counter space and at other times need more floor space? A movable kitchen island offers more room when you and your friends want to cook a huge meal and each person takes a section of the kitchen to prepare. Once your meal is complete, roll your kitchen island out of the way for added space. Movable kitchens are ideal for smaller kitchens that need the best of both worlds.

5. Space for Additional Amenities

An additional benefit of kitchen islands that many homeowners do not consider is that it gives you the space to add any additional amenities you may have always wanted in your kitchen, but did not previously have room for.

For instance, under a kitchen island is the perfect place to add a wine fridge. Even if you are not a wine connoisseur, a kitchen island is a great, out-of-sight, place to add a beverage fridge, or pull out fridge/freezer drawers for additional storage space. There are a wide variety of amenities a kitchen island gives you the ability to add to your home that can increase the functionality and usability of your kitchen.

6. ​​​​The material options are endless

Whether you are using your island for utilitarian purposes or you want the island to be the show stopper of the kitchen, there is a counter top surface for you. If cost is a concern, consider plastic laminate or solid surface man made finishes. For mid level spending consider higher grades of solid surfaces or stained concrete. At the high end of the cost spectrum are butcher block, granite, and custom exotic wood varieties. 

If you think a kitchen island is just for show, you now have legitimate reasons why your kitchen can benefit from one. From storage to additional seating, any sized home will love the versatility a kitchen island offers.

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