End tables are a way to spruce up a living room. It’s important to keep a side table’s function in mind but just as important to choose a side table for its beauty and the way it exhibits your personal style.

There are all sorts of sizes, types, materials, and designs to choose from. Getting the same side table for each side of a sofa brings order and symmetry to a room. But, they need not match. In fact adding side tables that are a little different can give a room some much needed contrast and interest.

End table prices vary from really expensive to cheap ones. It may be enticing to get the most expensive or the best but what matters is what's best for you and your space.

1. Height

Height matters. A side table works best if it is about an inch or two or three below the arm of a sofa or chair. Pretty easy yes? this is not a 'must do' rule but it will make your space more comfortable to live in.

2. Width

Two factors in the width you have to consider. Does it fit and what will it be used for. 

  • In limited spaces breathing room is necessary. leave some space to move around
  •  If space is not a problem then you have a lot more options. Remember you don’t have to fill up the entire space. 
  • Functionality. Consider what the surface of your table will house. Will it hold a lamp?   Having a general idea of how you will use a side table before you buy one makes the selection easier!

A few more factors to consider:

  • Planning on storing things in or on a side table? Then it might need a drawer.
  • Will you use it to stack books or other things? How about choosing a side table with a shelf.
  • If you will be using it to hold drinks and food, glass, marble or other stone would be a good choice.

Side tables add fun and an unexpected element to your room and originality!  

  • Is the area for a side table small. Stacking tables are a great way to expand usable area.
  • Do you want to add an element of metal to your room? Side tables are perfect for bringing the beauty of metal to a space
  • If you have lots of squares and rectangle shaped furnishings in the room round side tables will soften the look.

Show off your style with some interesting side tables!

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