Are you in the market for a carpet?
Today we have a few tips to make it all a breeze for you.

Carpets can be the focal point or an accent, they can extend or separate a room. Though they're quite extra maintenance they come with sound absorption, warmth and Comfort.

Remember there's no right, no wrong, but these use these guidelines wisely and you'll get yourself a comprehensive and United interior design job on your hous

1. The Living room

Measure measure measure:
The size of your room or furniture will determine the size of carpet you buy.

Colour palette: take into consideration your theme colours. Wall paint, fabric colours, accessories. Your choice of carpet will be made a lot easier.

Layout designs to fit your space

Large room? Cover it up.

Spread out the future just a bit so it doesn't look and feel cramped.

Furniture on the walls. Cover halfway.

Aim to have the from legs of the sofas lying on the carpet.

Small living room. 

​Place a nice looking rug/statement piece under the coffee should extend beyond the table by 1foot on all sides.

3. The Bedroom

Lighting: if you're working with a small room or a dark room, consider a brightly coloured carpet. Bright carpets tend to make dark rooms brighter and small rooms appear larger.

Layout designs for your space

Frame your bed.

Midway queen

Runner rugs all round


  • choose materials carefully!
    Get rugs with thick padding, they tend to be more durable.
  • Protect your investment, avoid fading  materials. Get an "easy to clean stubborn stains" carpet
  • Don't blow your budget on an expensive carpet...Shop around, a good quality carpet beats an expensive carpet that will have you tip-toeing around your house

4. More ideas

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